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Here on our blog page you'll find our all of our latest news and updates. We'll be sharing our latest modern furniture additions from our top designer brands, interior design tips and home inspiration and any sales, discounts and offers we have running.

Here at Furniture Mind we love helping our customers creating and style the home of their dreams. Sometime inspiration can come in quirky design and trends; other times it's celebrities that inspire us the most. We love spending time looking at celebrities' homes trying to recreate their interiors adding a personal touch while keeping costs down.
Did you just buy your new house? Styling your new beautiful home is not an easy task and, yes, there are so many things to think about: with design, material and finishes being only a few. Of course, costs make everything potentially more complicated and with budgets being tight, it's difficult to combine what you want with what you can afford.
Cinderella, Carrie Bradshaw or, maybe, Donald Draper sporting a nice patent leather pair of shoes have always played a pivotal role in movies and fashion. Here at Furniture Mind, we love shoes: online shopping is our thing and we can't help but beaming proudly when we see them all shiny and tidy in our shoe storage systems. After all, who hasn't
Choosing the right piece of furniture for your beautiful living room is not easy. There are so many things to consider: How will it look in your living room? Do you need to go a neutral colour or you can make a statement? If you just want to add a little something extra, it's important to carefully consider costs and needs. To help you choose
This week we have had a look at the top trends for 2017 and decided to pick what, we believe, will be our favourite products throughout 2017. 1) Greenery is the new black Bright green is the colour of the year and we can't help but celebrate with one of our favourite bar stools by Italian brand Domi Italia, in green of course. Click here
Happy 2017, everyone! How are you doing? Are you ready to fully embrace 2017 and its endless interior design opportunities? Here at Furniture Mind, we are always after the next big trends; and because we want to make sure you are always up to date with what's going in the amazing world of interiors, we had a look at our favourite interior

This week, on Furniture Mind, we love everything that is blue. Blue Monday is going to make its entrance in a week or so but over here, we love to plan things in advance and to celebrate Blue Monday, we have decided to pick our favourite blue modern furniture of the week.

Your coffee table is the focal point of your living room. It's great after a night out for a takeaway, great to gather your friends around for drinks and perfect when you just need a cup of tea after a long day in work. Here at Furniture Mind, we believe that a coffee table does not only make a statement about your living room but also about you and that's why we want to help you choose the best coffee table for your different needs and preferences.

Have a look below at our top 5 different coffee table and choose the statement you want to make this 2017:

Let's face it, January is not the happiest month of the year: Christmas is over, time to jump on the treadmill and the closest bank holiday is a bit of a mirage; it's also quite cold and, yes, that doesn't help. Should come as no surprise that Blue Monday falls in January and that it has been labelled as being the saddest day of the year. But
When it comes to family, food and general get together, Italians know exactly what they are talking about. Our Unico collection for the dining room is going to help you select the best elements for your dining room to make the most of your Christmas and Boxing Day dinners. From beautiful chairs to one of a kind dining tables, Unico is the
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